The Foundation is overseen by an Advisory Board and senior leadership staff with broad experience across various walks of life, all of whom deeply believe that every individual deserves a decent place to call home.

The board is responsible for establishing policy and guiding SHF’s work to construct, rehabilitate, repair and improve housing in low-income and impoverished communities.

Christopher Caine

Christopher Caine is the President of the Center for Global Enterprise, a New York based non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the contemporary corporation in the era of global economic integration. He is also President & CEO of Mercator XXI, LLC: a professional services firm helping clients engage the global economy. Drawing on over 35 years of experience in government and public affairs and travel to 47 countries, Mercator XXI provides marketplace insight, experiences, and support to execute client needs in all hemispheres.

John Olugbemi

John Olugbemi is an outspoken affordable housing advocate and heads Marketing and Communications for the Millard Fuller Foundation, a leading affordable housing provider in Nigeria. A prolific writer, content developer, and business strategist, John is the founder of Digital 48 Global Enterprise. He presently contributes to the growth and development of some top NGOs in Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja.

Dr. Uphie Chinje Melo

Dr. Uphie Chinje Melo is currently the Rector of the University of Ngaoundere and has held various positions in academia and government concurrently for over 30 years. She was founder and Managing Director of the Mission for the Promotion of Local Materials (MIPROMALO) for 18 years, a highly successful government subsidiary which focused on the establishment of soil block production being integrated in real estate projects, as well as the use of sustainable materials and practices in the construction industry in Cameroon. Dr Chinje is highly connected in government and has a wealth of experience in public administration.

Bill Ozturk

Bill Ozturk is a Senior Director at a global specialist restructuring firm and also a founding partner at Reaction, a global venture capital fund with a mission to measurably improve one billion lives within a decade by scaling innovations that will change the world. Bill also brings 7+ years experience in various leadership roles with businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Alexandra Bembatoum

Alexandra Bembatoum is Head of Legal at leading oil and gas production company, Perenco Cameroon. She is well versed with the complex regulatory and compliance requirements in Cameroon. Alex has extensive experience in contracts and legal matters, representing the best interests of her clients on complex issues, transactions, agreements, and lawsuits.