We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Cameroon working to change the lives of lower-income families, one home at a time.
Our foundation aims to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of impoverished Cameroonians in the communities within which they live and work for generations to come.


Colette Ndi(Project Manager)

Will oversee all the financials, legalities and acquisitions. She will also be in charge of large-scale procurement and leverage her contacts from previous projects to ensure cost effective solutions.

Clement Sobtejeu(Architect)

Pioneer in designing affordable, functional and efficient homes which not only maximize space but are also made to suit local lifestyle needs and cultural conditions in Cameroon.

Angus Andreas(Coordinator)

Will conduct all the town hall meetings and oversee everything from sensitizing the population to preselection of suitable families who will benefit the most from owning a home of their own. Angus possesses plenty of experience in this arena, having run similar projects for the Miller Fuller Foundation in Cameroon.

Loic Kamgue – (Engineer)

Certified Civil Engineer with over 4 years of experience in managing social housing builds. With anticipated tight lead times to project completion, Loic brings prior experience working within similar deadlines while ensuring that all homes are built to high standards and possess all the necessary structural integrity.

Benedict Besong(Contractor)

Hands on builder with extensive social housing projects under his belt meticulous, trustworthy and diligent, Benedict’s work ethic and dedication precede him.


Founder and Managing Director

Colette is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building businesses from the ground up. She has a proven track record in financial management, investment planning and business development. With over 18 years broad-based experience running successful businesses across multiple industries, her entrepreneurial journey began at Alduco Engineering which she co-founded, and which was the springboard for several other businesses in Equatorial Guinea. She founded Starline in Cameroon and has led it to its current position as one of the leading sand mining operations in the country.

Her passion for blending private sector effectiveness and public good culminated in her founding Starline Housing Foundation, with the aim to positively impact lives for generations.

Colette is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has held other positions of responsibility such as Commercial Attaché with the United Kingdom Trade and Industry services mission in Equatorial Guinea.